Photo: Zaira Zarotti

I am a 27-year-old food and lifestyle photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I specialize in documenting food stories through in situ photography. My photographs illustrate lively scenes from cafes and restaurants, farmers markets, and people in their own kitchens in cities and villages all over the world. I shoot with a Canon 6D and prefer shooting in daylight.

Due to my background in (tv-) journalism I go through life hunting for interesting narratives that deserve to be told and shared. Often these (everyday) stories involve food, as home cooks, chefs, local cuisines, small makers and their natural habitats fascinate me the most. I'd describe my style as pure and nordic, yet warm and lively. 

My work has been featured in/on ELLE Eten, Vrouw, Jamie magazine, Fairtrade Netherlands, Darling, Salt and Wind, Granny’s Finest, The Makers post, Neolea, Dirt, Dille & Kamille, ZTRDG, Lotte de Raadt, Offset, Ode to Sunday, Hero, and Cook Love Share. 

On this website you will find a wide array of my photographs. These images illustrate my world view, showcase my style, and portray my interests. I am available for restaurant photography, culinary portraits, food photography workshops, cookbook photography and events.

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