Ingrid Hofstra

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As a photographer & journalist, I create integrated stories about
food cultures and travel destinations around the world.
These stories are intimate, honest, and personal





Shoot & Tell


These days, we take photos all the time. We communicate through snippets on social media. This is how we share our lives with family, friends, or even random strangers. However, what we want to get across, often gets lost in translation. So: what sets a snapshot apart from a powerful photograph? What makes a message last? In my view, it's about context.

In my work as a photographer and a journalist, I use my skills to produce integrated stories that reflect cultural habits and honest relationships. With every narrative I create, I strive to provide meaning, to show you more than what you can actually see.

How? Through:

1. Visual storytelling
2. Photos with a textual story

I am available for:

- magazine editorials about food or travel
- cookbook photography & writing
- restaurant photography / chef portraiture
- culinary and travel brand photography
- teaching photography & writing workshops 


ASKA, New York · KOKS, Faroe Islands · Koop een Geit-RIJKS, Amsterdam · Young's Pubs, London · Pillows hotels, Amsterdam and Zwolle · Dille & Kamille · Coeur Catering, Gent · Neolea Olive Oil, Corfu · VERS Saladebar, Hilversum · Lotte de Raadt · FD Persoonlijk · In Clover Magazine · Pasture Magazine · SisterMAG · Sabato | De Tijd ·


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