Food is more than nourishment and pleasure. Through food we are able to connect with history, anthropology, and culture. 
That is why working with me, means going beyond the plate. I will pin down the culinary story you want to tell and explore the best way to do that.
I will go wherever I'm needed to create a narrative while being in the field. This documentary style of working ensures a pure and honest form of storytelling. 


I WOrk with:

Restaurants: ASKA, New York ** · KOKS, Faroe Islands * · Koop een Geit-RIJKS, Amsterdam * · Bord'Eau, Amsterdam * · Hoofdstad Brasserie, Amsterdam ·  Restaurant Concours, Utrecht · Young's Pubs, London · Pillows, Amsterdam & Zwolle · VERS, Hilversum · Shouk, Washington D.C. · Chaia, Washington D.C. 

Brands: Marqt · Fairtrade · Alpro · Zonnatura x Bedrock · Monte Scroppino · Albert Heijn · Bettine Geitenkaas · Coeur Catering, Ghent · Neolea Olive Oil, Corfu · Pierrot chocolates, Tarragona & Ghent · SlooOW · Lotte de Raadt, Eindhoven · Bielo, La Llacuna. 

Media: Carrera Culinair · Elle Eten · FD Persoonlijk · Happinez · SUITCASE Magazine · Life & Thyme ·In Clover Magazine · Pasture Magazine · Salt & Wonder · SisterMAG · Sabato | De Tijd · Pillows Magazine · Lecker Magazine. 

Travel: Visit Faroe Islands · Visit Palm Springs.

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