Since March 2017, I've traveled three times to the Faroe Islands to work with the local tourism board to create images for restaurants and local businesses. I've learned a lot about the Faroese culture, seen much of its exquisite nature and tasted many many local dishes. It's become one of my favorite places on earth and I’ve met some very dear friends along the way with whom I’m currently creating a coffee table book about their lives.

Clients I’ve worked with in the Faroe Islands

My photography has been featured on the respective social media channels, used for brochures, on the website of Visit Faroe Islands, and in international media such as The Financial Times, The Telegraph, and The London Economic. Two articles written by me - including images - were published in
FD Persoonlijk (The weekend magazine of the Dutch Financial Times) and In Clover Magazine (a UK-based travel magazine). My photographs have also been published in Northern Comfort, a publication of Gestalten.