Harper’s Bazaar | September 2018
Featuring HOSHINO resorts Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fuji.

Harper's Bazaar - Japan
Harper's Bazaar - Japan

SUITCASE 24, the Slow Issue
Featuring the Greek Island of Andros.

Milk & Honey
Milk & Honey

Elle Eten | January 2019
A story about harvesting mussels from the Wadden Sea.

Elle Eten Waddenmosselen
Frielslands Roem - Elle Eten

Salt & Wonder | Issue 2, 2018
Featuring the roots of Nordic Preserving

S&W Iceland
S&W Iceland

Northern Comfort | Gestalten, 2018
Featuring photography of KOKS and Heimblídni

Gestalten - Northern Comfort
Northern Comfort

ELLE Eten | October 2018
Featuring Swedish Michelin chef Fredrik Berselius of Aska (Williamsburg).

Aska interview Elle Eten

ELLE Eten | March 2018
Featuring Danish chef and allround culinary genius Mikkel Karstad.

Elle Eten - Mikkel Karstad

ELLE Eten | May 2018
Featuring a culinary city guide of Palm Springs

Elle Eten Palm Springs

Elle Eten | January 2018
Featuring Restaurant De Zusters in Maarssen

Art of Plating