I am available for photography and writing jobs, both editorial & commercial. In Amsterdam and beyond. More specifically, you can work with me on restaurant photography, cookbooks, food related events, brand photography, editorial & commercial writing, food styling & recipe development, sponsored Instagram assignments (@ingridhofstra, 22.5K, September 2017), and teaching photography workshops. 

Ingrid Hofstra

I am a photographer and journalist from Amsterdam
& create visual stories about food cultures and unique places around the world. 

Available for: 
- restaurant photography
- cookbook photography
- brand photography
- magazine editorials
- teaching photography & writing workshops

ASKA New York
KOKS Restaurant
Koop een Geit / RIJKS
VERS Saladebar
Restaurant Concours
Young's Pubs London
Pillows hotels        
Visit Faroe Islands
Visit Palm Springs
Dille & Kamille
Fairtrade Nederland
Coeur Catering
Neolea Olive Oil
Pasture Magazine
FD Persoonlijk
Ariadne at Home
Lotte de Raadt
Kirstie van Noort
Keramiek Kantoor