Words & photos for Harper’s Bazaar.
A feature on HOSHINO resorts in Tokyo, Kyoto and Lake Kawaguchiko, near Mount Fuji.
This resort combines Japanese traditions and culinary heritage with modern luxury and comfort.
My article reflects upon these values, the possibilities the resorts offer, and shares unique neighborhood activities and must-sees.

Harper's Bazaar - Japan
Harper's Bazaar - Japan

Words & photos for SUITCASE 24, the Slow Issue.
A feature on the Greek Island of Andros, situated two hours east of Athens in the Aegean Sea.
The story, "Milk and Honey", describes the flavors of the sleepy island that has been self-sufficient for centuries.
Allegra Pomilio is showcasing the island's bounty to visitors through a series of workshops, focusing on local producers and culinary heritage. 

Milk & Honey
Milk & Honey

Words & Photos for Elle Eten #1, 2019.
Story about two Frisian men who have started harvesting and cleaning mussels
from the Waddenzee in their own backyard, Harlingen.

Frielslands Roem - Elle Eten

Words & photos for ELLE Eten #5, 2018. 
An interview with Swedish chef and restaurant owner Fredrik Berselius of Aska, Wiliamsburg.
The feature focuses on Berselius’ view on food as a holistic experience and a way to preserve childhood memories.

Aska interview Elle Eten

Words & photos for ELLE Eten #2, 2018. 
An interview with Danish chef and allround culinary genius Mikkel Karstad about his love for vegetables. 
The article sheds light on Mikkel's journey as chef, cookbook writer and culinary advisor to Noma founder Claus Meyer, discusses the growing focus on vegetables in Denmark, and his newest book "Evergreen". 

Elle Eten - Mikkel Karstad

Words & photos for ELLE Eten #3, 2018.
A culinary city guide of Palm Springs, celebrating desert-inspired concoctions, farm-to-table dining,
and local innovators who are inspiring a newly-found food scene.

Elle Eten Palm Springs

Words & photos for Salt & Wonder #2, Rising Tides in Reykjavík. 
We set out on a journey to discover the roots of nordic preserving, traveling through a relentless snow storm in West Iceland.
The result is a tale of generations passing on old traditions. 
Farmers and fishermen are showing young chefs the ropes of how things were done before they were born.
Chefs, on the other hand, are surprising and supporting producers by creating inventive and mouth-watering dishes with local products. 

S&W Iceland
S&W Iceland

Photos for Northern Comfort. - A Gestalten Publication
In this book, 16 of my photos of KOKS and Heimblídni were featured.

Gestalten - Northern Comfort
Northern Comfort


Photography for FD Persoonlijk, the weekend magazine of the Dutch Financial Times.
December, 2018.

FD persoonlijk - Coffee Sometime