Berry picking / a hazy lazy summer tart

I can't remember the last time I published so many blog posts in one month. For a while I had this perception that I had to choose, you know: portfolio or blog. But I decided this is my website and I can do whatever I want. So if I want to share recipes with you, I will, if I want to share my adventures with you, I will etc. Why not right?

So a few weeks ago I asked my good friend Susan if she felt like picking fruit with me. I've had this idea for years but I also always forgot about it again somehow. This summer, I was determined to go through with it though. On a sunny Thursday, we rode the train to a village just outside Amsterdam and walked to Fruittuin van West. A beautiful orchard where you can find all sorts of apples, grapes, and berries and pick them yourself. 

For a couple of hours, we diligently stacked our baskets with Japanese wineberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, and rose currants (my favorite!). I was so happy I finally went through with my plan and took home so much fruit. 

Of course, I knew I had to do something with these berries. I did not want to let them go to waste.  On the train home we already fantasized about what to make. All sorts of ideas were considered, but in the end I decided to make a berry tart, with a chocolate shell. 

So this recipe is inspired by both Krautkopf & Donna Hay. A note: don't use all the berries. Save some for garnishing. It's even tastier this way. :)

Also, I can really recommend going to this placeregardless whether you're a tourist or a local. It's just such a fun day out and while it's still officially considered to be Amsterdam, you feel like you're in the middle of the countryside. There's such a relaxed vibe in that orchard. And, what I also really liked was the small cafe and organic store set up in a so-called earthship - a type of passive solar house, made of both natural and upcycled materials. Super sustainable! 

Berry picking in Amsterdam

Mixed berry summer tart with chocolate pastry

You need:

For the filling
300 g mixed berries
2 tbsp maple syrup
1/2 tbsp lime juice
1/3 cup + 1 tbsp (or 100 ml) goats yoghurt
1/2 tbsp starch
1/2 tsp agar agar

For the shell
1/4 cup dutch cocoa
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
125 g unsalted butter, chilled & cubed
70 g icing sugar
3 egg yolks
1 tbsp iced water

How to make:

1. First combine the cocoa, flour, butter and icing sugar in a food processor. Mix until you have fine crumbs. Add the egg yolk, iced water and proces until the dough comes together. Don't overmix. 

2. Place on a lightly floured surface and kneed into a ball. Next, flatten the ball into a disc and wrap in cling film. Refrigerate for 1 hour. 

3. Preheat the oven to 180 C. Roll out the pasty between 2 sheets of parchment paper until it's 3 mm thick. Line a lightly greased 18 cm loose bottomed tart pan with the pastry. Trim the edges and use a fork to prick the base. Return to the fridge for 30 minutes.

4. Line the pastry with parchment paper and fill with baking weights. Bake for 15 minutes. Remove the paper and weights and continue to bake for another 10 minutes. Allow to cool in the tin.

5. In the meantime add the berries to a blender and mix until completely smooth. Strain into a bowl and add the yoghurt, lemon juice, and maple syrup. Stir and add the starch and agar agar. Mix again and pour into the cooled tart shell (which is still in the tin). Place the tart in the refrigerator and leave to set for at least 4 hours. 

6. Serve chilled and garnish with fresh berries. Enjoy!

a hazy lazy summer tart