Blomsterkrans & Wij Zijn Kees

I went to college in Groningen, a city in the north of the Netherlands. I lived there for five years, graduated in American Studies and Journalism and felt very much at home there. I moved houses three times, joined multiple committees, had several jobs and got to know the city very well. Nowadays, I don't spend much time there anymore, but I wouldn't mind moving back one day. When I have a family and everything. So when I contacted the lovely girls behind Blomsterkrans, a small, young company that creates beautiful wreaths, I was so happy they proposed to meet in Groningen. Chantana & Bineke told me that we could do the shoot over at the studio of Wij zijn kees. 

Wij zijn kees is a multidisciplinary creative studio, founded by Dorien and Jitske. They specialize in styling, photography, identity and branding. I met them a few years ago, and we talked about my future goals back then and their amazing work. Since a year or so, they are located in their new daylight studio, which is situated in an old school building in the midst of a cozy neighborhood. 

I met the Dorien and Jitske on a Friday afternoon after a busy week. Chantana, Bineke and myself started preparing the studio for a little shoot. We attached dried flowers to the walls, set up a table with olive branches and just had a lot of fun. I love being creative with other makers. It's easy to talk with them about stuff that's sometimes very hard to explain to the outside world. I don't know if that makes sense, but it just works. 

Bineke & Chantana started their company last year. they are natural, stylish, original, yet simple. Blomsterkrans is Norwegian for flower wreath, however, it also looks a lot like the Frisian word for it: blomkrÃĒnse. So, as a girl from Friesland, I was intrigued from the beginning. What I like is that these wreaths originally are used during midsummer festivities in Nordic countries. The girls try to combine tradition and design with their flower wreaths. They make new editions every season and every wreath has a story to tell. Good news, they have a webshop and deliver throughout Europe!

Blomsterkrans works with passionate people. The wreaths are made by a Dutch willow weaver. Weaving these wreaths is a century-old craft. The flowers are attached by a small, professional flower stylist. What is so beautiful about these wreaths is that it brings a piece of nature into your home. Take look at the photos below, or their Instagram account and you'll see what I mean. 

Thanks Bineke & Chantana for doing this shoot for me. And thank you Jitske & Dorien for hosting us and letting us do this shoot in your wonderful studio. I will come back! x