København / Danmark

I am sitting in the kitchen. It's 9.15 PM and I just finished baking two cakes (one lemon, one cacao-banana). A new batch of kombucha is sitting on the kitchen counter and I am enjoying a cup of goldenrod tea from my favorite ceramic mug (a vintage farmhouse pottery find, gifted by the lovely Carey Nershi) while listening to Billy Joel's Leningrad. Oh and of course, I am having a piece of cake. The lemon one. The glaze just set, while the cake is still a little warm inside. Sheer perfection, if I can say so myself. I felt quite a bit under the weather the past couple of days. I guess I am really ready for spring. But I have to hang in there a little longer. Thursday, Marius & I are leaving for the Faroe Islands. Not exactly known for its sunny weather haha. I've been invited by the national tourist office to take photos of the archipelago's astonishing beauty and also capture the islands' rich culinary culture. I feel so grateful for this opportunity. In order to get to the Faroes, we first have to fly into Copenhagen, a city I visited exactly one month ago as well. It's one of my favorite places in the world. My sister-in-law Tirza is doing a PhD there and we stayed with her for a couple of days. And lucky us - it was snowing at that time. The whole city looked even more stylish than it usually already does. Here are some snapshots I took. Enjoy! PS: I did a city guide last year, so if you're interested - here you go. PS II: Just tried a piece of the other cake as well - yikes. So good. So good.