Winter oat porridge with cranberry, persimmon & coconut milk

Happy New Year and hello 2017! New Year's always felt unnatural, but perhaps for the first time in my life I've actually been waiting for January. A fresh start, new beginnings, good vibes. I even made a list of resolutions (/goals & wishes haha).

- Less procrastinating
- Organize photography & writing workshops
- Post one blog post a week
- Read more non fiction (self-guide books/meditation etc.)
- Buy a new laptop (I spilled tea on my current one, now the j,u,m don't work anymore. I am going crazy)
- Learn how to bake sourdough bread
- Learn to play the piano
- Buy a new lens (probably not though, cause MacBooks are expensive)
- Travel! Currently on the (wish) list: Faroe Islands, Tuscany, Copenhagen, Indonesia
- Go to yoga on a regular basis
- Be a better friend

What do you think? Is this doable? Shouldn't be a problem right. ;) Did you make resolutions? Let me know in the comments. Maybe we can help each other!

So this recipe. It's not really a recipe. The secret to a good bowl of porridge is imagination. Just use whatever's left in your fruit bowl or fridge. Add some seeds, flakes, desiccated coconut and voila - there you have it, fancy breakfast. Try it! To make things even better: enjoy this bowl of goodness in bed while reading a book or watching some Netflix. Slow mornings definitely are my favorite! Especially since I started sleeping on Emma. What? Who's Emma? Well, she's my new mattress

Many people forget about the importance of high quality sleeping gear (that's probably not the right terminology, but what the hell, you know what i mean). It's an investment. Personally, I can't do without a proper mattress, a comfortable duvet cover, nice (linnen) sheets, a decent pillow. Without it, I am the crankiest person alive. In comes Emma Matras. They offered me one of their mattresses and I couldn't be happier. Granted, I was a little surprised when all I received were two relatively small boxes. I thought, "this must be a mistake, perhaps they forgot to send over some parts." Well, I was wrong. Turns out, you can easily wrap a huge mattress in a box. The unwrapping part comes close to magic. Best thing, the mattress is unbelievably comfortable. And that is a blessing for both body & soul. So thank you Emma for this precious product. I am very grateful!

Oat porridge with cranberry, persimmon & coconut milk

You need:

coconut milk
coconut oil
1 vanilla pod
1 cm ginger, finely chopped
a handful of cranberries
a pinch of cinnamon
honey to taste
3-4 tbsp water
1/2 persimmon
1/2 apple
desiccated coconut.

How to make it:

1. Bring the coconut milk to a boil. Lower the heat and add the oats, cinnamon, vanilla, and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Stir to combine and set aside. 

2. Add the cranberries, water, ginger and honey to a small sauce pan. When the mixture almost boils, lower the heat. Keep simmering until the cranberries fall apart. 

3. Pour some of the sauce on top of the oatmeal. Add fresh fruit, desiccated coconut, and pipettes. Enjoy in bed. ;)