Spelt waffles w/ blood orange compote and pomegranate arils

If I take a look at the recipes I've shared the last 2,5 years (has it been that long already?!), I notice that most of them fall into the category of breakfast or bakes. I've always had a sweet tooth and although I truly enjoy savory dishes and wouldn't ever want to skip a proper dinner, I feel most confident about my baking skills. I am very lucky though, since Marius is the exact opposite. He enjoys making dinner, creating recipes from scratch, and working out new flavor combinations. Instead of publishing those recipes on a blog, he has his own recipe book where he writes down his magical creations. How cool is that. This doesn't mean however, that I am not cooking anymore. I still do, but he does own the kitchen on most evenings. And I do in the morning. So, what about lunch then? Well, that's easy. I often just prepare a slice of bread with hagelslag of course. ;)

Kidding (not entirely). Last monday I had leftover waffles for lunch. And they were still pretty good. Marius' mother gave me a waffle iron for Christmas. Best. gift. ever. I used Mimi Thorisson's recipe for old fashioned waffles, which I discovered on Agata's website Windmill Dreams. You can find it here. I replaced the all-purpose flour with spelt flour. Worked like a charm! The blood orange compote was made by chopping up some slices of orange, adding them to a small sauce pan, drizzle some honey on it and cook for 5-10 minutes. Just adjust to your own likings. It's as simple as that. Enjoy!