Virpi & Tuulia's Raspberry & White Chocolate (N)Ice Cream

This past week the weather here has been great. Summer has officially started. I haven't worn socks or trousers in days. It's all shorts, sandals, and dresses. The days are long and I don't need as much sleep as usual. It's my favorite time of year. I love it.

I do feel kind of lazy though. Nat King Cole was completely right when he sang, "roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Those days of soda, pretzels, and beer." Well I might replace them with smoothies, salads, and wine, but I do agree. I am not in the mood to do a lot of work or to cook big meals. Plus the house is a mess. A freaking mess. Don't tell anyone, but I am blaming Frank Underwood (I just started watching House of Cards...) 

But let's forget the mess for another second because we have to talk about ice cream. Kind ice cream a.k.a. N'ICE CREAM! Perfect for lazy days. Just throw some cold ingredients in a blender, blend (or freeze and stir it for a couple of hours) and there you have it: a perfect dessert. Or snack. Or breakfast. Or dinner? Mmmm. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got en email about Virpi Mikkonen and Tuulia Talvio's new book N'ice Cream. Both ladies are two of my favorite bloggers. They asked if I wanted to share a recipe from this wonderful work filled with 80 amazing recipes. Of course I said yes! The best thing, these ice creams are all without dairy, gluten, and refined sugar and you don't even need an special machine to make them. Nice, right (pun intended of course)?

Boy, was it hard to choose just one recipe to share. Virpi and Tuulia have done such a great job. In the book I found soft serves, recipes for popsicles, milkshakes, sorbets, even toppings and a recipe on how to make your own cones! After careful consideration I opted for the Raspberry-White Chocolate Ice Cream. Since I don't have a waffle maker, I used store-bought cones. The recipe for the ice cream was extremely easy, like most recipes in the book. And the flavors really surprised me. So fresh and so soft. This is the one book you will want this summer. Believe me. 

Raspberry-White chocolate Ice Cream

(serves 4)

You need:

¾ cup (180 ml) cashew nuts (soaked overnight or for at least 4 hours)
1 (14-ounce/400 ml) can full-fat coconut milk

½ cup (120 ml) grated raw cacao butter
3 tablespoons maple syrup or other sweetener
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup (240 ml) fresh or frozen raspberries


How to make it:

1. Drain and rinse the cashews and put them in a blender with the coconut milk, cacao butter, maple syrup, and vanilla. Blend until creamy and

With an ice cream maker:

2. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and prepare according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Just before the ice cream is ready, add the raspberries. Serve immediately or transfer to a freezer-safe container, cover, and freeze until ready to serve. Let the ice cream thaw for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Without a nice cream maker:

2. Pour the ice cream mixture into a freezer-safe bowl, stir in the raspberries, and freeze for about 3 hours, mixing well every 30 minutes. Scoop into bowls, serve, and enjoy!

Reprinted by arrangement with Avery Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © Virpi Mikkonen and Tuulia Talvio, 2016.