A fragrant and refreshing cantaloupe and orange juice w/ lime and sea buckthorn + a give away

It's Friday evening and it feels like it has been the longest week. And that's not because it's midsummer. The windows are open, the air is warm and there is music playing somewhere in the distance. Yesterday we had severe thunderstorms and heavy showers. The sultry and dramatic weather was representative of my own life. On Monday, I was told that my freelance work at the public news agency is over. A big blow, though I quickly realized (with help from dear friends & family) that this is (literally) the push I need to pursue the creative path I've been ready to walk for a while now. Things never happen without a reason, of that I am sure. 

In a way, the thunderstorms therefore also felt like a rite of passage. When the sun came out after, I felt a sense of calm, satisfaction, and relieve. That same day Mirjan came over (my darling and talented cousin whom you might know from the blueberry hand pies and the fall picnic). Again, it was the timing that struck me. I've been experiencing a creative block lately. In my mind, my photography isn't progressing enough and my styling feels without personality at times, bla bla. Mirjan and I prepared a fresh and healthy cantaloupe-orange juice, made with my new slow juicer, the Versapers. The first shots I took were mediocre at best. I was about to give up when Mirjan pushed through (while it was 30C inside, crazy). We kept taking photos, changing the scene constantly and like that, it was there. I was in the flow. If you are a photographer or a creative human being, you know what I mean. It's the best feeling. A smile appeared on my face and I knew exactly what to do. 

I read a quote on Instagram today which said: "Don't worry about what's to come, just focus on what you have now." I absolutely love it. It compels me to see what is in front of me and to make the best of what is there, while relying on my capabilities. 

Whew... I think it's time for some less heavy material. I don't want to scare you away, you know. Let's talk a bit about the recipe and the slow juicer. So the Versapers is a Dutch brand that makes slow juicers. This machine presses the juice of fruits and vegetables very slowly, and separates the juice from the pulp. Because of the very little friction, there's almost no heat involved in the process, and you end up with a cold-pressed juice brimming with enzymes and vitamines. 

I decided to share a recipe for a simple juice with you. To illustrate that you don't need to complicate things when working with a superb slow juicer like the Versapers. This slow juicer is very easy to work with, which makes it even more fun. I am always so happy when I see the result pouring straight into my pitcher. So much better than store-bought drinks; you immediately see the result of your work (well, the cutting and peeling).

I also chose a simple recipe because I love the combination of cantaloupe and orange juice. Paired with a hint of lime and some sea buckthorn it results in a very refreshing drink. Sweet, slightly tangy and fragrant. If you want to make it even more exciting you could add some finely chopped red pepper!

Even though the Versapers is a "slow" juicer, most drinks are ready within about five minutes. What I also love about this machine is the fact that you can easily make (flavored) plant-based milks by throwing in some soaked nuts and some water and even prepare soups with it. The Versapers is in my opinion a gem of a kitchen tool and a good investment. Because it's a Dutch brand, I have a nice surprise for my Dutch followers. You can now get a €50 discount on the Versapers 4G by using the code EVERGREEN at the checkout in their website. And there's a give away as well. Versapers published a cookbook called Slow! which features 175 (!) recipes for this amazing juicer. From drinks, to mylks, to soups, and sauces. You'll be amazed with the endless possibilities. To win the book, check my Instagram account for the details. 

Scroll down for the recipe. I am going to pour myself a glass of wine and watch the last episode of House of Cards Season 2.


Cantaloupe & orange juice w/ sea buckthorn and a hint of lime

(serves 4)

You need:

1 cantaloupe
3 oranges
A quarter of a lime
Two tbsp sea buckthorn

How to make it:

1. Slice the melon in rectangles (3 cm by 1 cm), peel the oranges and separate the parts and half the quarter of the lime so you have two equal wedges.

2. One by one add the fruit to the juicer. Do this slowly and alternate pieces. So a few pieces of orange, then some melon, a tablespoon of sea buckthorn, some melon etc.

3. Serve the juice over ice and enjoy right away. :)

This post is sponsored by Versapers but all my opinions are my own and I think Versapers rocks!