Venice | Travel Stories

Normally when I share a Travel Story, I write down a list of restaurants, cafés and shops I'd recommend, but in this post I won't. And for a very good reason. In april, Rob and I flew to Venice to visit my sweet and talented friends Zaïra and Francesco. I arrived without having made any preperations, not knowing what I would encounter.

If you ask me, this is probably the best kind of travel. Even though I almost never adhere to this myself. You see, by character I am a control freak and a perfectionist. I always know what the street of my hotel or Airbnb looks like, I have screenshots on my phone of Instagram-friendly coffeeshops and am familiar with the cutest corners and best viewpoints in town. 

On the one hand am I don't like that I am this way, on the other hand I always surprise my fellow travelers with my knowledge and we end up having the best coffee and the most delicious meals. So why take a risk when you can be certain?

The surprise factor. That is why. It's good to take risks from time to time. A new place or new friends could very well surprise you with what they have to offer. This is exactly what happened in Venice. During our stay we drove up to Venice a few times and just walked around for hours. The remaining days were spent in the lovely home of our new friends.

We had many strong espressos, ate tasty fried mozzarella in warm bread, wrapped our hands around a mug of hot chocolate (because it was so cold one day!), enjoyed Zaïra's delicious homemade pasta, and munched on freshly baked lemon cookies prepared by Dorina.

As soon as the sun came out, we sat in that beautiful and bountiful garden of theirs and had meaningful conversations and quiet moments while sipping coffee, we were taught how to work on a pottery wheel by Francesco and the four of us looked for treasures on a vintage market in a cute nearby town. I don't remember any of the names of the places we visited and that makes it all the more special. Like a dream, however, luckily for me, this was real after all. Zaïra, Francesco, you guys are amazing. I am so happy we made this happen. <3