Copenhagen | Travel stories

A month ago on a Sunday afternoon, I got on a plane to Copenhagen. This would be my first job abroad since my start as a freelancer last October. My heart filled with hope and excitement, ready for this adventure. 

I stayed at a cute AirBnB apartment in Nørrebro. I knew I'd only have about 1,5 day to explore the city. Way to short, but I figured I still had plenty of time. To make the most of my trip, I rented a bike first thing in the morning. Those who have been to Copenhagen know this is the perfect way to get around town. Everybody does it! 

Traveling by yourself is not a lot of fun since there's so much you'd like to share, but you can't really. However, at times it maybe is also a good thing. I really cleared my head, took in so much of that crisp Copenhagen air, bought some pretty souvenirs, and had a lot of good food. And best of all: I got to interview Sarah Britton, the heroine behind my favorite blog My New Roots! The reason I was in Copenhagen in the first place. The story with her will be published soon. I'll give you a heads up when it's there. 

So here are my CPH suggestions. By no means complete, but I hope it will still help you navigate through this gorgeous and super friendly city.

To eat:
Grød: candlelight breakfast/ porridge & skyr + lots of toppings
Mirabelle: heavenly sourdough bread + very good coffee
Atelier September: instant interior crush, perfect avo toast w/ fresh grapefruit juice
Torvehallerne: Copenhagen's indoor food market. For a tapas style dinner & drinks or to pick up some chia pudding on the way home. 
Parterre Christianshavn: cozy place to have coffee and a nice view over Christianshavn.

To see:
Jægersborggade: a very pretty street with small must-visit stores,cafes, and restaurants.
Nyhavn: you'll find all tourists in this gorgeous harbor. Very crowded, but something you would want to see nevertheless. 
Rundetaarn: supposedly the oldest astronomical observatory in Europe. Gorgeous design and amazing views. 
Botanisk Have: the university's botanical garden. A visit to the greenhouse is recommended!
Vor Frelsers Kirke: a baroque church. A climb to the top is worth your time, though very steep. The view is magnificent though. You can even see Sweden. ;-)