Travel Stories | London

Traveling makes me incredibly happy. But it's often not until I get home that I actually am aware of this. I go back to work, am consumed by the day-to-day and then all of a sudden I start reminiscing. My mind drifts away and before I know it I find myself again walking alongside the Thames, in the middle of a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, or staring at strangers while at a cafe in New York. Don't get me wrong, I truly love daydreaming. However, sometimes I think I should have cherished those lovely moments while I was actually living them. Or at least more than I did at the time. I don't blame myself for it though. I'm starting to think that it's almost impossible to value the present, and thus enjoy it to the max, as it takes time to realize what the real value of certain experiences is. Alright, I don't know if this makes any sense to all of you. And it definitely doesn't have anything to do with my trip to London actually, as I truly loved my days spent there. I knew it right away. That place makes me happy. It was only my second time there. Which is weird since it's so nearby. The last time was in 2010. I visited London together with my fellow journalism students. We spent an afternoon at BBC, a morning at Al Jazeera, slept with 8 girls in one room and drank too much booze (well, I did). It was fun, but I hardly remember anything of it. So this time around, I decided things would go down differently. I made a list with places to visit, walked for miles, had good food, visited toy stores, enjoyed the holiday vibes, slept in a comfortable bed, and, of course, took too many photos. Scroll down for a list of favorites. 




Monocle Cafe
Fernandez & Wells
Labour and Wait
Borough Market
Ozone Coffee Roasters
Mast Brothers
Daylesford Notting Hill