Creamy white tea buckwheat porridge + burnt honey

It is definite, autumn is here. And I am fine with it. Summer is usually my favorite season, but this year, it hasn't been a good one. Those of you who have been around longer know what I mean, new readers, check the archives because I am done complaining. It is time to turn over a new leaf. Starting with taking better care of myself: healthier food, working out on a regular basis (and no, once a month does not count!). An e-mail in my inbox just reminded me that I have only 18 days left until the 4 mile in Groningen, a running competition. Yikes. 

Also, thank you all for the nice comments on social media and here about my new website. Your compliments mean so much to me! I hope to post two recipes a week from now on, and every now and then an interview. Aside from that, I want to host workshops on how to start, write, and maintain a blog in Dutch. Since the internet revolution, everyone has been able to launch a website, keep an online journal or just write whatever they like. And it's not that hard anymore to get published online. But that doesn't mean everybody knows how to write. In my opinion, writing is still a skill you have to learn. Enter me! So if you are Dutch and interested in a workshop by me, let me know!

While writing really is my thing, photography is still very new to me. When I look at my food photos back from when I just started blogging I feel ashamed. I know I shouldn't, but I do. I even feel this way about blog posts from back in March or April. Though I've finally seemed to have found my style, I am so afraid it will become predictable. I wish I could just let it be. But I guess that will not happen anytime soon. And with that being said, let's move on to today's recipe, shall we? 

It all started with the tea. Two weeks ago I received a lovely package from Teazi, a new Dutch tea brand. They sell high quality loose leaf tea without food additives. I love tea: it is so comforting for the soul and body. So I couldn't wait to try the white tea. This type of tea is harvested before the plant's leaves open fully. That way you get a very delicate and fresh flavor. White tea boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It's also supposed to be great for your skin, as it protects it from damage caused by free radicals and stress. What a powerful food right!

So I decided use the tea in a recipe. I wanted to create something that would be perfect for these first days of fall. Colder and slightly darker mornings ask for warm comfort food! Using buckwheat groats is such a nice way to spice up your everyday porridge. It has a nice bite, it is gluten free, it keeps you satisfied for long time, and it is high in protein and minerals like magnesium. 

White tea buckwheat porridge with cashew cream, burnt honey & figs

(makes two bowls)

You need:

1 cup raw hulled buckwheat groats, rinsed
2 cups almond milk
2 bags white peony tea (optional)
a pinch of cinnamon
3/4 cup raw cashew nuts
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup honey
2 tsp water
3 figs

How to:

1. Make the cashew cream first. Rinse the nuts with cold water and add them to a blender. Add the water and blend. Depending on how liquid you want the cream to be, add more water. Cut out the flesh of one fig and place in the blender. Blend to combine. Place the cream in the fridge. 

2. Slowly bring the almond milk to a boil on medium heat. Be careful not to scald it. As the milk is heating, add the bags of tea and let steep. When it has reached a boil, remove the tea bags and add the buckwheat.

3. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook the buckwheat for 20 minutes. Stir frequently. When the milk is gone, the porridge is about ready. 

4. Remove the pan from the heat, add the cinnamon and stir. Set aside.

5. Gently heat the honey in a small saucepan. Remove from heat when it starts to boil and you see steam coming of the honey. Stir in the water.

6. It is time to assemble the porridge. Add the tea infused buckwheat porridge to a small bowl. Pour over the cashew cream, place a pieces of figs on top of it and sprinkle with the burnt honey and some chopped almonds. Best enjoyed when warm!

This recipe was created with tea by Teazi. Opinions are my own, and I think they are doing a great job!