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Lisbon love

There's a Dutch song called Liefs uit Londen. It's about a man who loves a woman who's well travelled, while he hardly sees anything of the world. She writes him from different countries. It's written by the band Bløf. In one sentence the guy sings: "Gisteren uit Lissabon 'ik mis je' en een zoen." It translates as: "Yesterday from Lisbon, an 'I miss you' and a kiss." It came to mind when I tried to think of a title for this blog post. 

You see I travelled to Lisbon last week, together with two good friends. We spent four days in the city. I've heard much about this Portugese gem. It seems as if every blogger has this destination on its list in 2015.  

One of the things that surprised me most was the light. So soft and so golden, from about 7.30 - 8.30 in the evening. I would even say it's magical. Another thing was the difference in height. So many stairs, narrow streets and hills. We came back with well-trained legs I tell you.

Here are some photos of our trip followed by a list of my favorite places in Lisbon.

So with a kiss from Lisbon...

A Yellow Lemon Tree in Lisbon
Belem Lisbon

Augusto Lisboa >> A café where you can have a healthy lunch, a fresh juice or just some delicious artisan ice cream. It's hidden in a narrow street in Alfama, where you won't find many tourists.

Café Royale >> A restaurant situated in the popular neighborhood Chiado, just behind all the stores. This place has a small garden, decorated with plants where you can have a nice jug of Sangria out in the shadow, or a lovely yoghurt breakfast with berries and muesli.

Café Tati >> This is not an easy find, but I advise you to combine a breakfast or lunch this place with a visit to Mercado da Ribeira and/or Belém. We had an very big breakfast there for little money. And the café is decorated in such a cozy manner. So definitely worth your time!

LxFactory >> Want to avoid tourists on a Sunday in Lisbon? Head out to LxFactory, where you can go to nice little shops to find the perfect souvenir our have a drink or something to eat at one of the restaurants. We paid a visit too Margarida from MF Ceramics where I bought some lovely pieces also used at a Kinfolk dinner last Spring. You can get there easily by cab, which won't cost you much.

Pastéis de Belém >> If you want to try THE traditional pastry from Portugal you should get them in Belém. These little custard tarts are very delicious and creamy and are just a dream for your taste buds.

The Decadente >> Situated across a little 'jardim' where you have a lovely view over the city, you'll find this restaurant where you can have a combination of real Portugese dishes and healthy food. We had dinner in the backyard which was perfect on a warm summer evening. Fresh fish, sweet potato, almond and passion fruit pudding. To. Die. For. You can also book a hotel room here, and as a plus you can have breakfast on the roof terrace with one of the best views in Lisbon. 

Sintra >> If you have time, go to Sintra. It's a nice break from the city life and only a train ride away (40 minutes). This is where the royal family of Portugal once spent there days. The palaces are magnificent, huge and exorbitant. And the nature is refreshing and beautiful. 

Taberna da Rua das Flores >> To me, this was what a good tapas bar is like in Spain. Fresh food, small dishes, friendly people and a good glass of wine. Very popular so have dinner early or be prepared to wait. 

Copenhagen Coffee Lab Lisbon >> Coffee like we are used to here in Northern Europe. This place opened its doors this year and the Portuguese still have to get used to it, but foreigners are fans already. Nice and clean design, good coffee, and they also serve breakfast and lunch. 

Embaixada Mall >> An old classy building transformed into a beautiful mall. If you are looking for a present or souvenir, find it here. A lot of artisan and local products.  

Hamburgueria da Bairro >> Find it near Jardim do Principe Real. A nice place for a good burger with some real (sweet) potato fries.