April | Food for Thought + Rhubarb Compote

A confession. I've been watching Gossip Girl reruns the entire month. Blame Netflix, but I have to admit, it is good to see Chuck and Blair scheming and Serena and Dan break up and make up before they once again break up. I just love it. 

It does mean however, less time in the kitchen. And that has to do with something else too. I've worked a lot lately and I am often tired when I get home. From this week on I've got more time on my hands, though. That means more cooking and baking too. Yay! But first my monthly inspiration + links blog post, which somehow gets pushed back more and more to the end of every month. So let's get to it fast because I have so many nice things I want to share with you! 

>> This song has been on repeat in our house for three days now. So yes, also right now. 

>> Passion-Mango and Maqui Raw Slices scream summer, don't they?!

>> Sarah B.'s book has hit the stores! Here's a little appetizer

>> Dangerous material for chocolate addicts. But do check it out!

>> My fellow Dutch blogger Adinda, who lives in Taipei, shares some pretty photos from her amazing trip to Japan!

>> Did someone say free e-book

>> Need this asap. 

>> Pumpkin seed butter goji cookies. That is just INSANE.

>> More cookbook news! Hint: her last name is Love! Who wouldn't want a name like that?

>> This is going on my ceramic wish list (and that list is rapidly growing…)

>> I love road trips, and this route is one of the best ones!

>> Hello pretty kitchen!

>> I was a guest blogger on Jamie Magazine this month!

And for whoever's interested in the rhubarb compote, here's the recipe!


|for one person|

You need:

3 stalks rhubarb
4 tsp good quality honey or brown rice syrup
2 tbsp beet juice
1/2 tsp of orange flower water
1/2 tsp of vanilla, seeds scraped from bean. 

How to make it:

Rinse and chop the rhubarb. Place the stalks in a sauce pan. 

Add the beet juice, the honey, orange blossom water and vanilla.

Stir and let simmer on low heat until the rhubarb falls apart and becomes soft. 

Use to pour over your yoghurt or pancakes for example. Or make this.

rhubarb compote orange flower water