Kraków | Travel Stories


We're back from Kraków! And let me tell you one thing right away. This city is absolutely worth your time. It's no London, Paris, or Barcelona, but that's exactly what makes it so much fun. In Kraków you won't find the crowds, and there is still plenty of things to do. The city has a lot of history, very nice inhabitants, a relaxed atmosphere, and good (and CHEAP) food.

This trip was a graduation gift from Rob's parents. We spent three days in the city. Rob and I like to get to know a place by walking instead of taking the subway or a tram. This way you see so much of the city. We found the best restaurants and hidden gems with help of Dagmara Chwalowska, a very talented Polish girl who currently spends here days in Paris. You can follow her adventures on Instagram

I knew so little about Poland and Dagmara was a great help. She is incredibly kind and emailed me a huge to-see list a few months ago. I can't thank her enough! 

So what did we do in those three days? We ate pierogi, had long talks while strolling through Planty park, gazed at the many beautiful old buildings, had a lovely french breakfast at a beautiful cafe called Charlotte, learned more about the Jewish history of Kraków, also had a stomach ache because we ate Zapikanki (Google it), had the best coffee and the best wine (and I should also include the best hot chocolate with baileys), discovered that Koktalje means both cocktail and smoothie and ended up thinking I had a cocktail with banana and sherry, while I was having a smoothie with banana and cherry, fell in love with the old trams, visited Auschwitz which wasn't easy, walked into the coziest book store ever, and just enjoyed time spent together. 

Here you'll find a list with some of the places we visited. I am more than happy to share them with you!

Charlotte >> A café where you can have an amazing French breakfast. They sell bread, baked goods, homemade jam and granola. Also in the evening they turn into a wine bar.

Alchemia >> A hip restaurant where they serve lots of healthy (and also vegan) food. When you walk around the corner you find a bar by the same owners, which is very popular among students and local crowd.

Wedel >> According to Dagmara, one of the oldest chocolatiers in Poland and I can tell you their chocolate is SO good.

Free Walking Tours >> A great initiative by local people who want to share their knowledge about Kraków. We joined the tour through the Jewish quarter, Kazimierz. Very inspiring.

Massolit Books >> A crooked book store with small alleys and beautiful rooms. They only sell English books and their collection is massive. Also, they have a tiny cafe where they sell cake and across the street is a separate bakery where you can have a cup of coffee, pie, and read Kinfolk.

Karma >> According to locals, the best place for coffee or lunch in the city, but they also bake very delicious pancakes I can tell you. Located in a nice neighborhood.

Ramen Girl of Yellow Dog >> Asian fusion. I had a ramen noodles with salmon, spirulina, pickles, and edamame beans. The menu is in Polish, but the waiter is more than happy to translate everything for you. 

Bunkier >> A nice restaurant alongside the park where you can have a nice glass of wine or enjoy a candle-light dinner. Their chocolate cake is to die for. 

Music academy >> Go with the elevator to the top of the building and drink a cup of coffee while enjoying the city from atop. 

And here are some more photos of our trip. We visited Wroclaw on our way to Kraków. Wroclaw is situated two hours north of Kraków and really worth a visit too. We also drove through the Polish countryside. Hope you enjoyed the photos!