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How was your Christmas? Ours was filled with dinners, joy, movies, conversations and also... work. I was working a morning shift on the day after Christmas, what we in The Netherlands call: Second Christmas Day, an official holiday.

A few days before we spent a long weekend in Berlin. I never visited the German capital before, but Rob did, so he showed me around a little. We walked a lot, had many cups of coffee & tea, spent afternoons in museums and the evenings at Christmas markets. I forgot how early it becomes dark in winter. So I don't have much photos of food, but I did make a list with places to go. I guess you'll just have to believe me. :)

Berlin isn't a city you can easily compartmentalize.You can't really define it, like you'd do with Paris or London for instance. It's raw, it's full of contradictions, it's old, it's new, it's modern, and it's not. You just have to experience it. So we did, and had a lovely time.


Lokal: fresh, lots of greens, chique
Zola: new, hip, good pizza, tiny, cozy


Qua Phe: Vietnamese, fun neighborhood, delicious food, cheap
Ora: former apothecary, perfect for lunch, beautiful place


Roamers: you'll want to stay here all day, California vibes, big and gorgeous fresh dishes
Five Elephants: yummy bagels & yoghurt, best cheesecake in the city, delicious lattes
Father Carpenter: perfect place for a pit stop.
The Barn: best espresso, good place to sit down and just look at what happens in front of you on the streets of Berlin.


Paper and Tea
The Store x Soho House
Hallesches Haus