Brioche French toast with poached quince

When the days are getting shorter, & the air cooler, I start to crave comfort food. Especially in the morning. In July and August I am easily satisfied: a fresh smoothie, a bowl of yoghurt with fresh fruit, or just a handful of berries some hemp seeds and bee pollen. But these past weeks I've had a hard time getting up. My sheets are so warm, it's dark outside and I just want to read a book or watch some tv series while eating a big breakfast in bed.

I am talking about porridge with nut butter, seeds, chocolate nibs and autumn fruit like figs, buckwheat waffles with maple creme fraiche and the last blackberries of the season, or this decadent brioche French toast. Because well, if you have french toast, why not make it with this enrichedtype of French bread? It doesn't need much to get the most delicious flavors. 

You can make your own brioche, but I chose to buy it at the best (French) bakery in town here. I did feel a little guilty to let it go stale. Oh well, at least I didn't let it go to waste. French toast, despite its misleading name, reminds me of breakfast in the International Student House in Washington DC, where I lived in 2012. Gosh, time really does fly eh. As I've got nothing more to say, I suggest we move onto this week's recipe. 

A few notes:

- If you want to make this recipe a little healthier (I can see why), use spelt sourdough bread.
- Make sure your slices are stale. This way the bread will easily absorb the egg and milk mixture. 
- Go nuts with toppings: creme fraiche, mascarpone, ice cream, custard, fresh fruit, icing sugar cinnamon, maple syrup. Of course not all of them, but let's make it FUN!
- That said, I munched on a few slices while baking, and they taste very good on their own too. 
- Also, great hangover food (for those who are really bummed about Holland missing the European Championship Soccer for instance)

Brioche French Toast with Poached Quince

You need:

2 eggs
1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup coconut cream (from a carton)
2 tsp maple syrup
Brioche bread

For the poached quince

2 quinces, peeled and cut
2 cups of water
3 tbsp coconut sugar
1 anice star
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground vanilla

How to make it:

Start by poaching the quinces. Fill a heavy bottomed pan with the water, sugar and spices.

Add the pieces of fruit and bring to a boil on medium heat. Once it boils, lower the heat and let simmer for about 2 hours.

In a rectangular baking pan or dish, whisk the eggs with the milk & cream. Add the maple syrup and stir. 

Dip the slices of bread in the mixture, and let it soak on each side for about 10 seconds.

Add some butter or coconut oil to a hot frying pan on low to medium heat. Bake the toast on each side for 2 minutes.

Sprinkle the toast with a little icing sugar, almond flakes and/or maple syrup. Add the pieces of poached quince & enjoy with a nice cup of coffee or tea!