Sarah B. in Amsterdam!

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A year ago my mom and I received an ELLE Food magazine at a baking utensils store in Utrecht. When I read the magazine at home, I found an article about up and coming food blogs. One of them was Sarah Britton's My New Roots. For those who haven't heard of Sarah: she's a Canadian blogger and health nutritionist who lives in Denmark. Sarah grew up eating pop tarts and corn flakes, but when she started working on an organic farm in Arizona, everything changed for her. She became a vegetarian and started eating healthy. Nowadays, her blogs has tens of thousands of readers, from all over the world. On that day, a year ago, I became one of them. 

My New Roots is a very good blog to waste your time on ;). Time and time again she comes up with creative, original recipes which make great dishes. Her hygge banana bread is a staple in my freezer. She doesn't just post recipes, like I do, but she also gives lots of nutritional information. I learn so much from reading her blog. A couple of years ago she even gave a TEDTalk about her diet. 

Sarah is in Amsterdam this week. She is hosting small cooking classes and will give lectures about her whole food diet and topic such as detoxification, seasonality, and improving digestion. She has been in the city a few years ago, for the same reason. However, that was at a time I still was eating M&M's like crazy and so not thinking about eating healthy. Like I explained before, things change and when I heard about Sarah's visit this town I knew I had to go. There just was no other way!

The class took part in a small studio. Very cozy, but also very light (great for pictures some people noted ;)). When we walked in we where greeted with a glass of ginger tea with a licorice root stick! How clever is that! I went together with a good friend and we grabbed a recipe card and sat down. Sarah was making a handful of dishes for us tonight, and the theme was, very contradicting, breakfast! But, and this is very Sarah-like in my opinion, all of the recipes are suitable for every moment of the day. A small team prepared all the dishes in the kitchen for us, the students, so we could 'eat and greet' after Sarah's two-hour class. 

But first: we had to pay attention. And that we did. Sarah explained how she came up with a vegetarian recipe for bacon. Something that a lot of vegetarians miss once they decide to stop eating meat and fish. So invented her own coconut bacon! I can tell you, it is really similar to the real deal. 

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Between cooking she gave us lots of advise: about soaking grains and nuts and how to peel ginger (just use a spoon!). Everything Sarah demonstrated looked incredibly simple and natural. That's also why her blog is so successful I think. She wants everybody to be able to make her food. Sarah also is very down to earth. A quality that Dutch people like a lot.

In the meantime the room started to smell like heaven. After two very informative hours it was time for a break. People could ask Sarah questions and everybody started mingling. Soon it was time to sit down at the table and enjoy Sarah's lovely food: apple pancakes, granola bars, smoothies etcetera. The fun thing about an evening like this, is that you get to meet a lot of like-minded people. We talked enthusiastically about our passion for food. Without any weird looks in the room. In my daily life, people are sometimes surprised by how much I think about food and how often I work with food. But at an event like this, nobody notices ;). 

Sarah walked around the room, making small talk with everybody. It was nice to see how much she enjoys her work. It was an inspiring evening, with good food, nice people and lots of useful information. A total success if you ask me!